Sesame it completes its range of solutions with Jizô OT. Highly anticipated, Jizô OT is specifically dedicated to the detection of cyber threats in industrial systems. It provides OT networks with detection capabilities as advanced as those of Jizô NDR for IT networks.

Enrichment of alerts thanks to AI, Use Cases Engine to deal with sophisticated attacks, extensive coverage of industrial protocols… Jizô OT has no shortage of assets to boost the cybersecurity arsenal of players in the industrial world!


Jizô OT: exceptional detection capabilities for industrial networks

Jizô OT performs dynamic monitoring of OT networks. It benefits from all the qualities of Jizô NDR, qualified since 2021 by ANSSI.

Based on network monitoring, Jizô OT provides complete real-time mapping, contextualized alerts and security recordings.

The alerts come from a unique combination of the best detection technologies. From the most classic, such as signature detection, to the most innovative. Let’s mention AI-assisted detection, to make it easier to understand deviance thanks to our proprietary machine learning algorithms. Or our Use Cases Engine, which cuts the discovery time of emerging and complex attacks by 3, thanks to ready-made detection sets.

The combination of these technologies meets a fundamental objective: to provide truly relevant alerts in the dashboard to the operators who process them. Alerts are enriched with contextual elements to easily and quickly understand the anomalies and deviances that are detected. Designed as a decision aid, these “smart alerts” guide the implementation of defensive and corrective actions with an unprecedented effectiveness.


A solution that meets the specificities of OT

Jizô OT was designed to meet the specific expectations of those involved in ensuring the security of industrial systems.

It offers a complete mapping of assets, with zoning possibilities.

Flows are processed in real time, from one or more capture points in the industrial network. As these captures are passive, they do not cause any disruption to the OT network.

Jizô OT covers all standard and common protocols, with the ability to add more specific protocols. This ensures that all of our customers’ needs are covered.

A hardened and sovereign solution

Jizô OT is a sovereign solution, which absolutely respects the confidentiality of the data analyzed. No sharing of data or traffic is required. Furthermore, the solution is based on a principle of complete transparency on the traffic captured and its analysis.

 The OS is hardened, in accordance with ANSSI qualification requirements.

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