Make cybersecurity more relevant to your business needs

Cyber Threat & Risk Intelligence + Use Case Factory
to bring your cyber threat detection to the next level

Your network and risk exposure are unique : so must be your network detection solution !

Hoshi, in combination with Jizô NDR, makes threat detection even more efficient as it is tailored to your specific needs.

Cyber Threat and Risk Intelligence

  • Hoshi, in combination with Jizô NDR, make threat detection even more efficient as is it tailored to your specific needs
  • Hoshi’s Cyber Threat & Risk Intelligence (CTRI) team  is continuously at the edge of the new threats developments, to connect them to the risks and produce IOC feeds to be used in detection scenarios

Use case factory

  • Hoshi’s Use Case Factory builds detection scenarios with refined information set by the CTRI team
  • Scenarios can be implemented in Jizô NDR, to adapt detection to current active threats and to your specific risks

Jizô NDR + Hoshi

  • Benefit from the strength of a detection solution based on truly reliable elements, combined with leading-edge research dedicated to each client industry and specific risk exposure. 


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