Jizô NDR is based on Jizô, the new detection solution qualified by ANSSI, the French Cybersecurity Agency.

Designed to secure most sensitive networks

Jizô NDR – the ultimate threat detection solution

Spot cyber threats where it is the most relevant : at the heart of your network !

  • Detection with Jizô is based on the most reliable indicators available : packets, frames, from layer 2 to layer 7, sessions. Those elements which never lie and can’t be falsified.
  • Jizô NDR parallelizes several detection systems.
  • This combination allow to detect any threat or suspiscious element with no delay.

Easily fits with your infrastructure and your security stack

  • Jizô NDR is suitable for all networks : standard, zero-trust, cloud
  • Jizô NDR integrates seamlessly within your cybersecurity ecosystem

Get ready to use Jizô NDR in less that 24 hours

  • All-in-one solution, with quick and easy installation