Leave attackers nowhere to hide

Jizô NDR combines a powerful cyber threats detection solution,  with leading-edge risk intelligence, to protect sensitive networks

Jizô NDR is based on Jizô, the new detection solution qualified by ANSSI, the French Cybersecurity Agency

Make security more relevant to your business needs

Cyberdefense with a risk-driven approach

Your networks and your risk exposure are specific : so is your cyber threats protection with Jizô ! 

Enhanced protection VS all types of threats

Capture and analyse in real time 100% of network traffic, including encrypted files and flows.

Focus on threats that matters

Reduce the noise : smart detection, wiping out false positive alerts,
to improve workforce efficiency.

Connect to the actual business risks

Bring correlation and deviance analysis capabilities.
Technical alerts are translated in business risks.

Always keep innovating

A scientific approach to cyber threat detection.

A full range of solutions

Enhance your protection against all kind of threats

Sesame IT offers a full range of solutions to cover cyber threats detetion with different angles and technologies.

Cyber threat and risk INTELLIGENCE

Hoshi makes detection even more efficient, tailoring it to the user industry and network specific features.

Cyber threat DECEPTION

Loki deploys deceptive IT assets within the network to strenghthen cyberdefense capabilities. 

Rely on French-made technology

French technology, compliant with EU regulations

Jizô went through an 3.5 years R&D cycle and successuflly passed the very rigorous ANSSI (French Cybersecurity Agency) qualification.

Jizô by Sesame IT offers a detection solution, certified by l’Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes Informatiques (ANSSI) for its hardening and its reliability.

Jizô is available in its version for public administrations and companies which are requested to be equipped with certified and soverign solutions. 


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