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Sesame it’s VISION & MISSION

Elevate threat detection to the next level

Secure networks thanks to ultra-high performance detection solutions

A risk driven approach to make cyberbersecurity more relevant to business needs

User experience is key : security must be friendly

A strong team of 40 cybersecurity experts 
led by an experienced duo of co-founders

Audrey Gayno-Amedro

Jérôme Gouy CTO Sesame IT

Jérôme Gouy

Sesame IT was founded in 2017 by Audrey Gayno-Amedro and Jérôme Gouy, two french experts in cybersecurity and networks. They have a long experience in lawful interception of telecommunications, with solutions dedicated at locating, intercepting and analyzing criminal communications and network activity.

Well versed in techniques for analyzing and extracting data in very high speed networks, and highly aware of the consequences of cyberattacks directed against critical networks, they set out to develop a “high reliability” solution, to meet the needs of the Military Programming Law, as well as o participate in protecting the sovereignty of the country.

This solution, called Jizô, underwent 3 and a half year of R&D before being awarded with ANSSI’s Security Visa for elementary qualification in June 2021.

Following the version of Jizô tailored for regulated operators, Sesame It released its NDR version in 2021. 

Innovation is embedded in Sesame IT’s DNA.  We spend more than a quarter of our total revenue on R&D, we partner with labs and we count PhD students, focused on basic and applied research in our team.


Sesame it

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