Jizô is a cybersecurity solution intended for the most sensitive networks of the country's most important industries and administrations. Attesting to its compliance with the regulatory, technical and security requirements promoted by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), the qualification of the Jizô probe constitutes a recommendation by the French State for the use of the Jizô probe for these purposes. The Security Visa attests to the robustness of the product, the competence of Sesame IT and guarantees its commitment to respecting the trust criteria. Sesame IT's action and mission fall within the framework of the military programming law (law no. 2013-1168 of December 18, 2013). The Jizô detection probe meets the requirements of Article 22 which requires Operators of Vital Importance (OIV) to strengthen the security of the critical information systems they operate: Information Systems of Vital Importance (SIIV). ). This qualification now allows more than 200 public or private operators (distributed across 12 sectors of activity), whose activities are essential to the proper functioning and survival of the Nation, to have a sovereign and hardened solution, French excellence. This is to strengthen the security of their SIIV in order to effectively combat threats and malicious acts (terrorism, sabotage, cyberattack) and technological risks.

This Security Visa issued to our Jizô NDR solution is a guarantee of confidence and robustness for users. It is both an outcome and a beginning. It validates years of R&D and the maturity of our solution, entirely designed, developed in France and hardened, that is to say secure, flawless – and ultra-efficient, including for large flow rates. This qualification delivered by ANSSI opens a new page in the history of Sesame it, whose mission is to guarantee the integrity and security of sensitive networks. We will now be able to offer this 100% French solution to OIVs and OSEs. Qualification by ANSSI, whose level of requirements is recognized beyond our borders, will also open the doors to the international detection market.
Co-founder and CEO of Sesame it

Attacks against services and infrastructures "essential to the survival of nations" are increasing. Two recent examples have particularly stood out. The recent attack on the Florida drinking water system and more recently the ransomware attack on the largest oil pipeline in the United States. In France, the director of ANSSI, Guillaume Poupard, recently took stock of the attacks. France, like other countries, faces three major threats: espionage, serious crime and almost military risks. Cyber ​​crime is exploding. At constant scope, the number of ransomware cyberattacks processed by ANSSI increased fourfold from 2019 to 2020, going from 54 to 192.

Our network expertise was the basis for building Jizô NDR. I think that we have arrived at a relevant detection solution, because it is based on a set of proven technologies, and long-lasting in relation to its integration into the real ecosystem of network cybersecurity.
Co-founder and CTO of Sesame it

Press contact : Hélène Quaniaux, Head of comms
helene.quaniaux @ sesame-it.com